365 Days Outside > 209-214

Day 209
We spent today in Kansas City. While I was at a company convention, Dad took the kids to see the fountain at the Plaza and then went to visit some friends. They had fun playing with Eden, Joe and Noah. Hopefully we can make it out to Kansas City again for more fun soon!

Day 210
When we got home from Kansas City, there was a package from my mom waiting for us. Inside, along with an assortment of things we left behind on our vacation, were 3 geodes from my sister! We had fun breaking them open. One of them was a dud, but the other two were pretty awesome.

Day 211
We have been talking a lot about service lately. There is a story in one of Juniper’s magazines about a girl who bakes cookies for her neighbor, so Juniper wanted to give it a try. We baked some simple cake batter cookies (with lots of sprinkles of course) and brought some to a couple of lucky families. The family across the street let Juniper play with her dog. She was so excited!

Day 212
Today’s adventure? Animated gifs! I took 200 pictures of the kids running, jumping and dancing around so we could make some fun animations. I’ll share some soon!

Day 213
It’s been a few days since our mud painting adventure, and we finally got around to cleaning up the deck!! There was dirt EVERYWHERE. Flynn and Juniper got right to work sweeping it all up. Those kids sure do love brooms! Once most of the dirt was gone, we got the hose and cleaned up a little more. (But mostly just splashed around in the water.)

Day 214
This morning we woke up to RAIN!!! Before I went to work, Flynn and I enjoyed the showers on the deck. We had left the brooms outside, so of course he wanted to sweep up the water. Watching him try to use all three brooms was pretty entertaining. After work, the kids and I spent a good hour running and jumping in puddles. It rained all day and is still going! We are SO glad!

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