Crafty Night! Quilting for Craft Hope

Last night my friend Lindsay came over for a little bit of crafty fun. We started working on our quilts for the current Craft Hope project, quilts for wildfire victims in the Western United States. Basically we spent last night cutting out all of our fabric and trying to figure out what size to sew our quilt tops. (We would try to actually finish the quilts, but we aren’t that good so quilt tops it is!) It was nice to spend some time downstairs in the craft room, and especially nice to have some company in there. We are going to try to get together every Tuesday for some craft therapy.

Tonight I’m going to start piecing together my quilt. The plan is to finish them up next Tuesday and then sew a few bucket hats if we have some extra time. I still have several hats worth of fabric cut out!

2 thoughts on “Crafty Night! Quilting for Craft Hope

    • Eh, I don't get that much done! If I don't make time for craft therapy though, I get a little too grumpy haha! I have been blowing off quite a bit of more important projects lately to make time for sewing.