It is 12:17am right now, and I am just wrapping up some work for an old client. I had some plans for tonight, but instead I foundnd myself staying up way too late working on some freelance project or another. And now I’m sitting here rambling on about how tired I am while my husband finishes up his video game so we can go to bed. Then I can wake up and go back to work in the morning!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I am SO very grateful for work. I’m just tired of working all day and then coming home and rushing through dinner and kiddie bedtime so I can keep working all night. Would it be terrible if I just stopped doing freelance work? The extra money really does help, but I’m starting to think it might not be worth it. Maybe if I stop doing more work than I can handle, I’ll be a nicer person. Or maybe my house won’t always be such a disaster… Or MAYBE I might actually get a decent amount of sleep and stop feeling so dang tired all the time. Not likely though. If I’m not working on freelance stuff, I’ll just stay up too late doing something else. Like sewing up that quilt I have cut out in my craft room. But would that be so terrible?

And just because I enjoy looking at creative things, here is a random assortment of things that have been making me happy lately.

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Well… My sweet husband has given up on me and started a new game. And now it is 12:58. I guess it’s time to go to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

2 thoughts on “Tired

  1. I love your assortment of things that make you happy. That's exactly what you should do, make YOU happy. Perhaps you could cut your free lance load in half and have more time to enjoy everyday life, (not cleaning…yuck!)

    • That is a good idea, to cut my freelance in half. That way I can still have some extra money, but I don't spread myself too thin. And I agree, cleaning is lame!