Quilting for Craft Hope (Part 2)

Well, we did it! We finished our quilts from last week! We had lots of fun finishing them up last night. (Lindsay’s turned out way cuter than mine.) I’ve got them all ironed and packaged up on my desk and I’ll be mailing them (along with a handful of other packages I have been hoarding) today on my lunch break. We just did quilt tops since neither of us are very skilled quilters. And they are far from perfect! But they are cute, so hopefully some children in need with be happy to have them.

ALSO. Lindsay had a “propobribarterosition” (proposition/bribe/barter haha) for me. In exchange for helping her sew a white v-neck shirt for her hipster sock monkey, she gave me this AMAZING FABRIC!!! Seriously, it is my new favorite fabric ever!!! I need to come up with an equally amazing project to use it on. Or maybe I’ll just hang it on my wall. I love it!