Shark Attack!

My husband’s step-sister is expecting her first baby this year. I wanted to make her a gift so I sent her a bunch of links to cute baby things that I could sew and asked her to pick whichever she wanted. (That way I’d be sure it was something she liked. I took the easy way out haha) She went with these adorable washcloth hand puppets and said that she especially liked the shark.

I thought, how cute would it be to have a matching hooded towel with the little shark bath puppet? I used this tutorial to sew the hooded towel, with a few tweaks to add the teeth, fin and red inside. I also added some teeth to the bath puppet, just because he looked silly toothless next to the hooded towel’s gigantic teeth. Speaking of gigantic… The towel ended up being huge. Oh well, I figure then her little guy will be able to use it longer. OR Jessica can just keep it for herself!

Flynn was SO entertained by this project. Our kids are huge fans of hooded towels. They each have one with their name embroidered on the hood, and they absolutely love those towels. Flynn sometimes wants to sleep wrapped up in it. I think I’m going to sew them a couple of fancy ones for Christmas this year. I just need to come up with a new design. I’ve got a couple of ideas.

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