My Awesome Weekend – Instagram Style

My Thanksgiving weekend was nothing short of awesome. We had lots of fun goofing off and relaxing as a family. On Thursday we drove out to St. Louis to have dinner At Shaun’s cousin’s house. The food was delicious and the table length was quite impressive! It is always nice to see family. (And not having to cook dinner is always nice in the “stress-free” category, but I am craving a leftover turkey sandwich!)

On Friday we went to visit the Magic Tree, which I LOVE. Then we had Chinese food for dinner and I got some sewing done and made a ton of progress in my craft room. We took some amazing photos on Saturday in preparation for The Paper Mama’s Christmas Photo Challenge. Can I just say, this photo is going to be AMAZING. I’m so excited about it!!! I’ll most likely be sharing it later this week.

We debated putting up our Christmas tree, and oddly decided against it. Most years I am all about decorating for Christmas as soon as the sun sets on Thanksgiving day, but this year I’m just not feeling it yet. It’s weird. BUT I am 90% done with Christmas shopping, which is amazing. I’m hoping to have everything mailed by December 1st this year. We’ll see how that goes!

Lots of Zelda was also played this weekend. Both kids love cuddling on the couch watching me play Twilight Princess while Shaun tells me what to do, since he’s farther along than me.

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to kick butt at life! A four day weekend spent enjoying my family was exactly what I needed.

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