Alphabet Cards

I decided last night to make some of these cute cardboard letters as a Christmas gift for my niece. They are awesome because you just use old boxes and scraps of fabric. Both of which I have a TON of. They are a lot of work, but they really aren’t that bad. But by the end of the night I had sewn letters A-F, and I had screwed up letters A-E… So that was fun. I was debating whether or not this project was worth it to finish when I took these pictures. On the one hand, I really want to finish it because I already cut out all of the rectangles and I like the finished project. But on the other hand, sewing cardboard is SO frustrating. But looking at them now, I am definitely going to finish them. They’re cool!

My other craft fail of the night was these little Christmas tree ornaments that I tried to make with Juniper. I didn’t end up liking them very much (they were cuter in my head) and Juniper was more interested in giving all of her nativity guys party hats. It was pretty stinking cute, so I guess the craft wasn’t a complete bust.

Tonight the plan is to lock myself in my craft room with some hot chocolate and Pandora and finish up all of the Christmas gifts that I need to mail my family this week. (I’ll be missing my craft therapy buddy though!) I wanted to have them all in the mail last week, but we all got sick! So this week is it. I think for some extra motivation I’ll make a trip to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break today. That is never a bad idea! (Although my budget would disagree.)

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