Juniper is FOUR

Last week I took some pictures of Juniper so I could remember her little 4 year old face. She’s really not into getting her picture taken these days, but she let me snap a few while we were playing outside. We made an itty bitty snowman and explored the yard a bit.

The difference between 3 and 4 is pretty incredible. She is such a little girl now, it’s hard for me to imagine her as a tiny toddler and as a baby just seems crazy. Looking at past pictures of her amazes me that she was ever so small. Juniper is a funny kid. Very emotional and passionate about her opinions. Loves to dance. Absolutely hates having to go to bed and will say anything to postpone it. Ultra mega shy. (She gets that from me.) Loves play dough, ponies, and Zelda. Happy Birthday sweet little girl. I love you so very much.

And just for fun, aren’t these the best Santa photos pretty much ever? Juniper had just turned ONE. I had forgotten how much I love these pictures. These are from the one and only time we’ve ever gone to see Santa, next year we’ll have to remember to fix that. (He won’t be as awesome as this one though.)