28 Before 29

Colorful Shelves

Yesterday I accomplished something that has been hanging over my head for over a year. Quite literally. When we first bought our home, I started painting the built in shelves in my craft room. And they stayed about 80% finished until yesterday! Of course, I decided to change up the colors and just REPAINT both of them. Not only did I finally finish this paint job, I also put everything back ON the shelves last night! What? I did a creative project AND cleaned up after myself?? There is hope for 2013.

Don’t you just love my “curtain”?? I bought that fabric a few weeks ago and decided to just hang it over the window as is for a while to make sure I really like it. (I do!) The last curtains I sewed I ended up hating. But I’m just going to sew them into a dress for Juniper so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Birthday Goals

I’m really not a fan of the whole New Years thing. Resolutions bother me. I don’t get all the fuss. BUT tomorrow is my birthday, and I do have fun making these birthday goals so I thought I’d go ahead and do it again this year. (2012 & 2011) (I almost forgot how old I was when I was making this, I forgot I was already 27! I’m going to be 28 tomorrow!) So here are my goals for this year. I should have made the first one “Don’t misplace this list and then forget about it until November.”

  1. Decorate the kitchen
  2. 52 weeks of instant photos (thanks to this! Yay!)
  3. Sew myself 4 dresses
  4. Figure out the braided crown
  5. Do more service
  6. Write in my journal more
  7. GO TO THE DANG DENTIST (This has been on my list every year…)
  8. Start sculpting again
  9. Read 6 books
  10. Become a morning person
  11. Finish the Old Testament
  12. Hang pictures above the stairs
  13. Paint my studio closet door
  14. “Biuld a bookshelves” (Proper English much?)
  15. Plant a successful garden
  16. Take the kids sledding
  17. Bike 200 miles (not in one trip!)
  18. Host a 100 followers giveaway
  19. Remember more birthdays
  20. Sew something from a pattern
  21. Go to a hot air balloon festival
  22. Plant our own geocache
  23. Go camping
  24. Get better at archery
  25. Throw a baby shower
  26. Participate in Project Run & Play
  27. 365 Days of Instagram
  28. Prepare for a Craft Fair


6 thoughts on “28 Before 29

  1. These are great. We could maybe do some service projects together do an Old Testament study or i could give you the number to my awesome dentist :)

    • Yes to all of the above! (Dentist recommendations are less exciting but would be greatly appreciated haha!)

  2. Braided crown?
    Make sure your bookshelves is sturdly!
    How far is it to work?
    So, how many times do you have to bike to work?
    I don’t know if you can change the whole night owl thing.
    You can throw me a baby shower. *snickers*
    Did you already have one in mind?
    I like your non-resolutions.

    • You know, a braid that goes all around your whole head. They’re cool, and my hair is ALMOST long enough.

      It’s 5 miles to work, so I only have to bike to work 20 times or so. It’s doable.

    • My goal is to at least be able to make it to work on time! I’m terrible about that. I like being awake early, I just despise the actual waking up part.