New Craft Books

My mother-in-law gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday to buy some craft books. It took me literally an entire day to choose which ones I wanted to buy… I finally settled with “We Make Dolls!” by Jenny Doh, “How to Make Stuffed Animals” by Sian Keegan, and “Wee Wonderfuls” by Hillary Lang and I LOVE THEM ALL. There are so many great projects in them! I could not choose which one to do first! So I took photos of 6 different projects and put it to the polls. Between Instagram and Facebook, the winner by one vote was Evelyn Inchworm. She was so easy to sew up and turned out SO CUTE. I love her. And I already have plans on sewing another one, with a couple of personalized touches.

I’ve been going through these books making notes about who might like which doll. My husband makes fun of me because my artistic obsessions change so often. (Well, he makes fun of me for lots of reasons, good thing he is cute.) Dolls and cute softies are definitely on my mind a lot these days! I can’t even watch TV without thinking “I so need to sew a tiny Dr. Who plush.” (I’ve already done some sketches hehe)

How cute are these tiny Narwhals?! The pattern (from “How to Make Stuffed Animals”) said to “enlarge 200%”, but I don’t know why you ever would! It turned out so cute! And I of course couldn’t just leave it be, I had to see if I could make an even smaller one. SO CUTE. I can’t stand it. I have decided that I will eventually sew one with the pattern enlarge, but not 200%. More like 1000000%. I want to make a GIANT pillow sized one. How awesome would that be?