Shrinky Dinks!

Can you believe I’ve never tried Shrinky Dinks?? It’s on that list of things, like a Polaroid camera, that I always wanted as a kid but never could have. I finally bought some the other day with the Michaels gift card my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday. IT IS SO COOL!!!!! I did these doodles while I was at work, and I learned that drawing on plastic is not so easy… In fact, I kind of hated how they turned out. But once they shrunk I loved them! And watching them shrink was seriously amusing. Shaun had never done them either, so there we were, two grown adults glued to the oven window giddy with excitement as little plastic things squirmed around and got smaller. Juniper came upstairs and was all “What’s all the excitement about? You guys are weird.” I can’t wait to make some more. I’m going to shrink some of Juniper’s doodles!

I turned the ‘Temperance’ banner into a bracelet and the little fox made a perfectly adorable little brooch. I glued a tiny pompom to him, just because I thought it was cute. I gave them all a coat of clear nail polish to stop them from smudging. I think a lot of people are going to be getting Shrinky Dink gifts this year! Earrings, pins, necklaces, bracelets… My mind is of full of ideas!

This weekend we are going to make our first ever cake pops. We’re going to do it up right and film a cooking show with Juniper as the host! She is so excited about being on YouTube, she’s so silly.

2 thoughts on “Shrinky Dinks!

  1. The key to making good Shrinky Dinks is to make sure the edges are rounded. For some reason square corners tend to fold inward and warp. I used to be really obsessed with them, I need your rings, keychains which broke, and my favorite mini mobiles. I still have most of them. Clear coat is essential, and don’t cake on the color pencil, I used to think that you had to get into every nook and cranny because of all the scratches on the plastic, but it condenses. Too much makes a mess. Some markers and pens won’t work, try doing a test sheet to see what works best. I think I might have to go down the basement and take out some sheets :)

    • I haven’t tried a square shape yet, but my pointy cornered ones seemed to do ok. I guess as long as you know it won’t be perfectly square! I’d love to see your Shrinky Dink collection. I loved that bookmark you made last week.