Some Random Things

watercolor portraits watercolor portraits

I bought a new pen a few weeks ago, and I LOVE IT. I mean, seriously, look how tiny that tip is. It’s perfect for mini paintings. Paintings in general really. I just love my pen. It makes me happy. That metal mechanical pencil is also pretty awesome. And I don’t know what I’d do without my Pink Pearl erasers. I would just be mad at my inferior replacement eraser all the time. Pink Pearls are awesome.

Once all of the craziness from last week’s snow storm passed, I was able to finish up these sketches. I’m going to ink them today and get them painted this week. These paintings are for Sarah from Mom-Made, aren’t her little boys handsome?

snow snow

Ten inches! Finally, we got a legit snowfall! The kids have been having lots of fun playing on the deck and sledding in our back yard. I love how excited they get about going outside to freeze their cute little bums off.

I ended up working on both Thursday and Friday. I should have just sucked it up and used vacation time to take the days off. Oh well. I mentioned last week that getting out of our parking lot was going to be crazy, and I was right. My boss came to help dig me out, and then I got stuck again and some guys stopped to help him push me out of the parking lot. Rob followed me home just to make sure I’d be alright. I have a great boss. Once I got ON the road, it wasn’t so bad.

It’s supposed to snow again tonight, another 5-10 inches. Crazy.


Last night we went to an AWESOME sushi party. All you can eat homemade sushi, and it was SO good. Anyhow, towards the beginning of the night, Flynn fell and hit his head on the wall. When I picked him up he had blood pouring down his face! Oh my goodness, I froze. Aunt Shannon and I rushed him into the bathroom and got him cleaned up. The cut isn’t very big, it just bleed a lot. He cheered up and had a fun night, but I just felt so bad for the little guy.

Other than that scare, the night was fantastic. The sushi was delicious and we had fun hanging out with my sister-in-law and her friends. Both the kids passed out as soon as we got in the car.

4 thoughts on “Some Random Things

  1. Those boys ARE adorable!
    I love the left one’s eyes and the right one’s smile.
    Cute. Cute. Cute.
    Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.
    Kids bump their heads and bleed like buggers.
    I thought that was Heather in that photo!

  2. p.s. Is the pen a Micron?
    I had a Micron pen that I loved.
    It looked a lot like that, but then,
    it WAS a fine line black pen. G’figger.

    • It’s a Prismacolor .005 tip pen and it is amazing. It’s just like a Micron. I might have bought a Micron one if they sold them individually at my Michaels.