Box of Sunshine

About a month ago there was a ‘Creative Pay It Forward’ thing going around Facebook. Basically, the first 5 people to comment on your status would receive some handmade goodies if they also put it as their own status. I love Pay It Forward ideas, and I particularly loved this one because I love to make handmade goodies for people! And the lucky first recipient is Aunt Cindy! I thought it would be fun to send her a “Box of Sunshine” to brighten her day. She got it yesterday so I can finally share!

I basically bought all of the yellow things I could find at Michaels. (Love their dollar section.) Then I added a few handmade goods to the mix, like a fun tissue paper banner and a hair bow. I was looking for something to stick in the mini frame when I found that Julia Child quote on some scrap book paper I bought last week. Perfect!! Cindy does a GREAT Julia Child impersonation. Well, a funny one anyway. Good stuff.

I made the box from a box of Valentine’s Chocolate that I bought during my Target clearance shopping spree. (That is the trade off, I get to go to Target if I bring Shaun home a box of chocolate.) First I carefully disassembled the box, it came apart pretty easily but you need to be careful not to rip it. Then I covered the top and bottom with scrapbook paper, cut it using the box pieces as a template and glued it back together! I am surprised that I was able to fit so much fun stuff into such a small box!

I had fun making this. I foresee more color coordinated gift boxes in my future!

2 thoughts on “Box of Sunshine

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw that the quote was from Julia Childs!
    The little lizard has a home on my . . .
    Oh no! He’s run off! Dang. Now I’m going to have to hunt him down!
    I loved the goodies. I think that my favorite thing was
    the two little Frangipani flowers on safety pins.
    I love Frangipani. They’re cool looking trees,
    pretty flowers and they smell AMAZING!
    Of course, these are imitations, but I love them anyway!