A Painting for Joni

Watercolor Painting of Six Kids

It’s finished! Yay! I managed to squeeze all of Joni’s cute kids into one 8×10 painting. It was a challenge, but a fun one! I used a different type of paper for this one and man did it give me trouble.. So frustrating. But I love how it turned out. I especially love the heart. That was a last minute addition. Originally I was planning on doing some sort of stone wall, but I’m glad I just went with the simple color wash heart.

I’ve found myself once again hoarding packages that need to be mailed. I still haven’t shipped this silhouette piece! (But I did finish it. I’ll share how I fixed the ‘off-balance’ness tomorrow.) I’ve also got a birthday package for my niece waiting to go out. I’ll go to the post office tomorrow. Writing it here will keep me accountable. That’s how it works, right?

3 thoughts on “A Painting for Joni

  1. Ha! I thought they WERE sitting on a brick wall sort of thing,
    with a corner between dad and son. *grin*
    It’s great. You so rock!

    • They are brothers lol Joni has six kids. I should totally do a painting of my mom’s 8 kids for her for Christmas! (All of us as kids, I don’t even want to think about having to add all the spouses and offspring ha!)

  2. I love the painting of Joni’s children. You have an awesome tallent. I am glad you are now sharing it with others. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.