Things I Want to Make

I feel like making something, but I’m stuck at work. So instead I’m sitting here dreaming up all the things I would make if I had a time-stop-machine. (Seriously, the ability to stop time would be amazing.) Here are just a few things I’ve had pinned for forever. My goal is to make one of these things this weekend. If I can decide what to do first… (I’m thinking the swings.)


  1. Play Tent – I’ve been wanting to make a play tent for a while now. I love this A-frame style, but I also have a folding table that would make a great table tent.
  2. Himmeli – I want to make a bunch of different shaped gems to hang in Juniper’s room. (And of course my craft room could use some.)
  3. Bright Cabinets – I think this is the absolute perfect way to add some color to our kitchen.
  4. Wire Wrapped Message – I’ve made these as gifts, but I think our house needs one now. I don’t know what I’d want it to say though.
  5. Box O’ Princesses (And Boy-Ville!) – Juniper would flip out over these adorable toys, and Flynn would love getting one too. (Extra bonus – he wouldn’t have to steal his sister’s!)
  6. Test Tube Spice Rack – I need a better way to organize my spices, and I just love the look of this. (I may just buy one though haha!)
  7. Colorful Door – I so want to paint our front door a bright color! It’s hard to pick a color though. Yellow or red? Or maybe green?? What do you think?
  8. Galaxy Shirt – How fun!! I may dye some fabric and make a dress.

I need to go to Michaels on my lunch break to buy more watercolor paper. But it might not be such a good idea to go there while I’m in such a crafty mood.. Speaking of watercolor paper, have you entered the giveaway on Little Lady Little City? I’m super excited to see who wins!

2 thoughts on “Things I Want to Make

  1. All I want is to own my own home so I can paint my door a lovely color!

    Personally, I would go with purple, but I think you should go with RED!

  2. Love the ideas … will try to make one or two for my little girl!!

    And I’m a new follower and I need to say I’m in love with YOUR work!! Love the watercolor pictures