Flowers and Refrigerators (and Sushi!)

This post is going to be completely random. But I just finished a super stressful day at work and now I’m just waiting for the clock to say 5:00 so I can go home. So random it is!!

Last year my husband’s grandparents gave us a bunch of iris bulbs, which we planted along our driveway by the road. And this week they bloomed!! I love watching plants grow, it’s so exciting! I’ve got to say, I was NOT expecting that color! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-purple iris. They’re pretty though. Now if only the flowers in front of our house would bloom… They didn’t last year, and they don’t look like they are going to this year. I don’t even know what they are!! They look like they might be lillies? (Cindy, help me out here haha). If they don’t bloom this year I’m going to dig them all up.

I already dug up a big patch of them, which you can’t see because they are in the way. But on the end of this flower bed I planted daisies and STRAWBERRIES! I am so excited about both of those plants! I bought the strawberry plants last week at the farmers market, and they look like their doing great so far. I just sprinkled daisy seeds all over that area, so we’ll see how long they take to grow. Juniper’s flower garden is starting to come up, and she is super excited. (Heck, she’s always super excited about SOMETHING.)

Our refrigerator has been acting up on us. The freezer isn’t keeping things frozen, which is obviously a problem. And there are other issues with it as well, so we decided to just go buy a new refrigerator. So long story short, we went to Best Buy with the kids, spent far too long looking at refrigerators, opening every single door and pushing all the buttons (kids..), and then decided to buy the cheapest refrigerator we could find. Which was a pretty lame refrigerator, very similar to the one we already have. Not the super cool new one that cost twice as much. I’ve got to admit, I was a little bummed, BUT it’s a refrigerator. Will it keep my food frozen so I don’t have thawed meat dripping all over my frozen berries?? If yes, than AWESOME.

But when we got home Shaun did some research and read some pretty bad reviews about the one we purchased and changed his mind. SO, we’re still in the refrigerator market. Part of me is glad we aren’t getting the lame refrigerator, but that part of me is pretty lame haha! We’ll see what we can find.

(So much for “long story short”, that was still pretty long! haha!)

Last random thing. Sushi is awesome. And sushi lunch dates with your best friend followed my the best chocolate ever for dessert? AWESOMER. I got back to work so full. Full of yummy food, and full of happiness. Hanging out with a good friend was just what I needed after this work week!

3 thoughts on “Flowers and Refrigerators (and Sushi!)

  1. I don’t know. It looks like lilies to me. It might be just a decorative grass if it doesn’t bloom two years in a row. In which case, I’d be thinking to pull it up too.