The Comedian

These kids are so silly, this picture kills me. Flynn still isn’t really talking, but he’s got a few new words! He can now say Hi, Hot, Heart, No, Yeah, and BOOM! I love listening to his tiny voice. Having conversations is my favorite part of having kids, so I am so excited about him FINALLY starting to use words. I can’t wait to start including funny Flynn quotes in these Comedian posts.

“Duh! That means yes. Duh means yes.”

(During a rain storm) “No Flynn! We’re not going outside, we’re gonna get wet and GROW.”

“Mommy, do you think I’m fabulous?”

“I don’t like my eye lashes.”
“Why not??”
“Because they’re not shiny! I can’t go to bed with not shiny eye lashes!”

“Sometimes I like to poop.”

Juniper made up a game. It’s basically tag, only she calls it “You get me ha ha I get you when you got me”.

“Daddy likes all kinds of things. He likes to lay down, or look at the computer, or lay down when he’s reading, or sit when he’s reading. Lots of things!”

“I had a dream that I was teaching Flynn how to talk, but he couldn’t because he was drinking water. That’s the cup he was drinking with!” (Pointing at my big Winnie Palmer Hospital cup.)

And here is another picture, just because I LOVE it. (And them.) I definitely bribed with lollipops for this shot. Seriously though, how cute are they? I love how much they love each other.

One thought on “The Comedian

  1. If you told her that sometimes I like to poop too,
    would that be too scary?
    You know I hate to scare poor Juniper!