Dog Drawing

I finally got a chance to do a new drawing! I have been painting so much lately, I haven’t done a regular pencil drawing in what seems like forever. And I’m starting another one today! AND I’ve got two more lined up! AND SOME MORE PAINTINGS!!!! Ok, maybe I am getting a little too excited. Artwork just makes me happy, and I like being happy.

Dogs are fun to draw because they are pretty much all hair (Hair is my favorite thing to draw!) and eyes (Eyes are fun too!). Plus, they don’t have hands!! (People hands are my LEAST favorite thing to draw haha) This pup will be heading out to Virginia today, to a woman who has ordered several drawings from me. She’s my best customer! I love working with her. In fact, the next drawing I have to work on is also going to be heading her way.

I’m also mailing off one more thing today, but it’s a surprise! I finished my first giveaway goodie, so keep an eye on your mailbox Sarah! I’m going to work on the prizes for the other two winners tonight, and I’m going to start Tee’s painting as soon as I finish up this second drawing. (The painting is going to be ADORABLE, I’m super excited to work on it!)