Not a Baby Anymore

So I realize it’s been a WHILE since this handsome little guy has been a baby. I mean, he’s two years old plus a few months. He’s obviously not a baby. He’s passed all the “not a baby anymore” milestones – walking, eating regular food, big boy haircut, being weaned from the good stuff etc. But there is ONE last thing that is keeping him a baby in my mind, and that is the fact that he doesn’t really talk, pretty much at all.

Lately though, it seems like he’s been saying new words everyday. He’s got a handful of words that he’ll say now. The other day he was sword fighting the trees in our front yard (He sword fights EVERYTHING) and his foot fell into a drainage pipe near our house. After him flipping out, and me pulling his little leg out, he jumped back up, pointed down and yelled “HOLE!” He seems to be a fan of H words. Hole, Hot, Heart, Hello, Hug, HEEEYAAAH!! (Yes, I’m counting his sword fighting sound effects haha!) Hug is my favorite. He’ll come up to you, give you a big fat kiss and say “hug!” while he wraps his arms around you. Repeated over and over and over. He’s a big fan of hugs, and I am loving each and every one.

While it WILL be nice to have people stop asking me if he’s started talking yet, I’ve got to admit I’m going to miss mute-Flynn. He has his own way of communicating without words, and SUPER exaggerates his facial expressions to get his point across. It cracks me up. BUT talking Flynn is so stinking cute, and I know he’s just going to get cuter and cuter. He makes animal noises now!!! I seriously need to get a video of that because it is HILARIOUS.

Writing this post has been me a little teary eyed. I wish babies stayed babies just a LITTLE bit longer. Now I’m going to go dry my eyes and rush home for a big hug from my favorite tiny blonde boy.

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