Tie Dye is Fun to Paint

Last week on my sister-in-law’s birthday, her husband posted a photo of her hula hooping in an awesome tie dyed dress on her Facebook page. It was one of those “Oh man I need to paint that” moments, so this super-last-minute birthday present was born! It turns out, tie dye is super fun to paint, and hula hoops are super tricky. Other than her creepy looking hands, I love this one.

Speaking of tie dye.. Today is my sister’s 19th birthday! She’s having a tie dye party and I SO WISH I could be there. Sometimes I hate living so far away. Actually, what I really hate is how expensive it is to fly.. Or maybe I hate that I’m not rich enough to fly home whenever I want. Heck, I hate that I don’t own my very own airplane! My Point = I love my sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TESHA!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Tie Dye is Fun to Paint

  1. :) I totally love it! I wondered when I looked at it how you felt about painting tie dye. You captured it so well!