The Comedian

“I already been one, then two and then three and now I’m four. And when I’m five my favorite color is going to be purple and when I’m six it’s going to be green. When I get to seven my favorite color is… black?”

“Daddy been mean two times.”
“Daddy was mean twice?”
“No. Daddy been mean two times (she holds up two fingers, looks at them thoughtfully for a minute, and starts wiggling them)…. like scissors.”

“I’m gonna draw mine hardness.” ( That’s what she calls fingernails, haha!)

“It’s Mr. Spock!! He’s the best hero!”

“This story is GREATIFUL.”

A plastic bag almost flew out the car window, but Juniper caught it right before it did. After dramatically telling me the whole story, she said “I’m not a super hero, just a girl.”

“Daddy what’s for lunch?”
“Hamburger Helper.”
“Can I help to make it?”
“I’ll find something for you to do.”
“Ok, you have to let me help because the end of the saying is helper.”

“Does a cold have middle names? Like a fever? Is a fever a middle name for a cold?”

“Is something true?”
“Is what true??”
“You tell me.”

We were sitting in a parking lot, waiting for Shaun, when I heard a snap and her quietly say, “Oh dear… Mommy is not going to like this…”

“This is so special because it’s a great great special thing!”

“What a lucky ducky duck duck ducky!!”

3 thoughts on “The Comedian

  1. I need to learn not to read these posts at work. It is impossible not to laugh at loud. :) Can’t wait for Saturday!

    • Juniper was so excited last night she was doing flips on the bed yelling “yayayayay!” Of course, that is a pretty normal behavior with her :)