Gems Gems Gems

When I get stressed out I doodle. It helps me to stay focused. To some people I may look like I’m totally not paying attention or whatever, but doodling actually helps me stay productive. If I don’t fill my head up with all sorts of random things, I just can’t get anything done! Back in my high school biology class, one day I was doodling and my teacher walked up and grabbed my paper off my desk. I thought I was in so much trouble! But he GRADED it and handed it back to me. I got a check plus, haha!

Anyway, lately my favorite thing to doodle has been gems. Mostly because their so mindless. Stick some washi tape on the paper and add some quick watercolor and you’ve got a pretty neat looking painting! I’ve got a ton of these to share once I find some time to take photos of them. Juniper is a HUGE fan of painting diamonds, I’ll share hers sometime too.

The other night while I was sick and couldn’t sleep, I started painting some gems onto these wooden discs I had laying around. I loved how it turned out, but it took FOREVER so I want to find a way to speed up that process. I decided to print a few of the gems from my sketch book on dark t-shirt iron transfer paper and it worked great! A bit of clear glaze on top and they’re awesome!

I seriously love these, I feel like making a million. I’m going to turn them into pins, necklaces and keychains to sell in my Etsy shop. I’m on the look out for smaller wooden discs so I can make earrings too! If I can’t find any, I may just ask my father-in-law to cut some for me. Tiny wooden diamond earrings would be so cute.

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