{Etsy Love} Random Lovelies

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  1. I am a sucker for notepads, and this one is particularly sweet. I love love love succulents but I can’t seem to keep them alive. (I can’t keep anything alive actually.) I can’t kill these though!
  2. It’s always Awesome Time as far as I’m concerned. I would wear this shirt all the stinkin time.
  3. Katie Daisy is one of my favorite artists right now, I just love her style. I actually own this print, I bought a set of note cards just for this design! It’s hanging on my refrigerator.
  4. I just purchased this pattern from Art School Dropout and I am SO excited to sew one up! Or two or three.
  5. I love the style of these custom portraits.
  6. I am definitely contemplating buying this Rainbow Brite necklace… I don’t REALLY have an extra $20 right now, but it’s so awesome!
  7. I am always picking flowers when I ride my bike to work. (I’m a casual rider, haha!) This is such a cute idea, I would love to have such a cute little holder for my pickings.
  8. So so pretty. I love this necklace.

2 thoughts on “{Etsy Love} Random Lovelies

  1. 1) Notepads. Ditto.
    2) What colors?
    3) I can see that you would like that style.
    4) What is that? A CRYSTAL?
    5) That IS cute.
    6) I always found her outfit to be amusing.
    7) Hmmm. Cute idea. I usually just pick up trash.
    8) The world needs more CRYSTALS!

  2. Oh, I used to love Rainbow Brite! How fun! =) Also, so glad I’m not the only notepad junkie.