365 Days Outside > 283-295

Day 283
The kids love flipping through my watercolor sketch book. They get extra excited when they get to the pages with their own paintings on them. (You can see Flynn’s handiwork in the bottom right photo.)
365 Days Outside

Day 284
Happy Fourth of July! We invited some friends over for some lunch and watery fun. The kids are still a bit too small to understand a slip-n-slide, but they had fun playing in the sprinkler part. Water balloons were also a huge hit.
365 Days Outside

Day 285
Juniper and I spent a sweet evening taking cute pictures on the deck and exploring our garden.
365 Days Outside

Day 286
Since our cucumbers were so bitter the other day, we’ve made it a goal to water our garden a little more often. Our hose doesn’t reach, so we just went back and worth from the house with our watering cans and buckets. Those pictures of the kids taking drinks from my can crack me up!
365 Days Outside

Day 287
Juniper was with her Oma this morning, so Flynn got our first ripe strawberry all to himself! (I did manage to steal a nibble.) The weather was absolutely beautiful so we got a ton of yard work done.
365 Days Outside

Day 288
After bringing all of our yard debris to the mulch site (Where we got to see a baby bird! The guys next to us found him in their debris and are going to take it home to raise on their farm) we spent the evening walking around downtown. We saw rabbits in the park.
365 Days Outside

Day 289
Our yard always has a ton of fireflies, and catching them is our favorite outside thing to do these days. Juniper has gotten really good at it. She loves to let them go and wave goodbye. Flynn has fun chasing them around, but hasn’t been able to catch any. (Can you see the little guy sneaking out of her hands?)
365 Days Outside

I’m going to cheat a bit again and post some more older photos from our “break”. I have one more of these that I’ll post next week when I go through my cell phone pictures.
365 Days Outside

Day 290 – We bought a hibiscus plant today to replace the yucca in our front yard.
Day 291 – Snow day. We had such a cold, snowy spring this year. The kids were loving it.
Day 292 – Another snow day! There were a million icicles on our back deck this morning.
Day 293 – Boys and mud… Need I say more?
Day 294 – We played out front with chalk and explored, looking for signs of spring.
Day 295 – Our first time using the grill this year. Both kids were pretty intrigued by the fire.

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 283-295

  1. I love the picture of Juniper with the flag
    and the one of Flynn with the strawberry,
    not to mention the cool ones with the watering can!
    Thanks for sharing these. They’re so fun!