365 Days Outside > 362-365

Day 362
Daddy took the kids over to the Magic Tree again tonight so I could paint. He was a good sport and tried to take some pictures for me. (I love you Shaun!)

Day 363
The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week, and we made sure to take some time to run around outside before the temps drop again. I LOVE the pictures I took of the kids today, being total goofs. I love them.

Day 364
Another night of moon charting. She looked and looked and looked but could not find the moon tonight. Until she realized that it was “all black”, then she got REALLY excited.

Day 365
After we took the photos for our Christmas card, it was only logical that we spent 20 minutes climbing the side of our house. The kids love it when Daddy helps them go ‘rock climbing’. The deal is, when they can make it to the top of this wall without freaking out, he’ll take them real climbing. We’re still a long way off, haha!

Bonus Day
We had our first snowfall yesterday! We didn’t get much, but both of the kids were SO EXCITED. We also put up our Christmas tree and worked on decorating some cards to send to friends. It was a very Decembery day.

Well, that’s it! It only took us almost 2 years to finish this up! Every other day, on average, is still pretty good in my book. And we’ve managed to make it a habit to get out of our house more often, which was the point of the whole thing, so that’s awesome. I could have had this wrapped up about a month ago but I’ve just been too busy to post these photos. (I had to include those snow day pictures we took yesterday!)

My favorite part of this whole thing has definitely been all of the cute photos I took. I enjoy looking back through them all and watching my kids grow. Just for fun, here is the very first image I posted in this challenge.


They were just babies!! (Especially Flynn, he was literally a baby, haha!)

2 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 362-365

  1. What a wonderful thing you have documented. I love that large picture from day 363. They are so cute!