365 Days Outside > 350-354

Day 350
I just love these little rock people Juniper and I made. I sort of wish I had brought them inside to glue together. The kids love digging through that rock garden. Which means there are rocks EVERYWHERE, but I don’t mind. I like digging through the rocks too!

Day 351
It was wet and dark and cold tonight, so we took our outdoors time inside. A bit of pumpkin carving on the dining room table. Neither kid wanted to help scoop the gunk out of the pumpkins, but they had some very strong opinions on what we should carve. Flynn got an Aang pumpkin (obvious choice), Juniper’s is Tinkerbell (also, duh), and mine ended up as Om Nom (kid’s choice, haha).

Day 352
Happy Halloween! We had a bit too much fun outside today, taking pictures of our Halloween costumes. Flynn was in heaven. Can you tell? We went trick-or-treating with Aunt Shan and got lots of candy. Both kids did really well this year, we only had to carry them for the last little bit.

Day 353
Leaf piles are officially the best thing ever. Seriously, I can’t get over how HAPPY these kids are when they walk out the door and see all the leaves on the ground. Juniper worked really hard on this leaf pile, raking and grabbing leaves from all over the yard. It was never big enough. When she finally deemed it jump-worthy, they went nuts!

Day 354
More leafy fun of course! As soon as we got home from church, straight into the pile they went. It was pretty warm outside too, so we stayed for quite a while. (Until Mom got hungry and declared it lunch time.)