{Etsy Love}


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  1. These little watercolor paintings amaze me. I love that they are in embroidery hoops, and the details are stunning.
  2. I’ve been wearing headbands a lot lately, and I just love this print.
  3. I’m a sucker for terrariums and this crystal shaped glass box is killing me.
  4. Cutest Jayne Cobb ever! I love everything about this doll.
  5. I am a big fan of dorky things that don’t look dorky from a distance. This scarf is fantastic.
  6. How beautiful is this painting!? I am in love with everything in Jesi’s shop, and especially this hot air balloon necklace. (duh.)
  7. I need this patch for my bag. Heck. I’m buying it.
  8. Not TECHNICALLY from Etsy, but I just adore Chelsey’s illustrations and this narwhal brooch is the best. Everything she makes is amazing. Love her.