Zelda Character Zipper Pouches

zelda2 zelda1 zelda3

I’ve been meaning to share these for a few weeks now. This was one of those last-minute projects that I was SUPER excited about, rushed to get done, and then didn’t end up being so happy with. I messed up the sizing on a couple of my pattern pieces, so they didn’t come together quite right. And since I was rushing through it, my stitches are pretty sloppy. Plus, I didn’t feel like switching out my thread to a color that matched better. (The white bothers me on the darker colors.)

As screwy as they are (which I will admit, I’m my own worst critic. They aren’t THAT bad.) I think they’re cute. And with a little more tweaking, I should have a pattern that works better. I have a ton of sketches in my notebook for cute characters I’d like to design. Oh! And these are my very first Spoonflower purchase! I love the fact that I could just cut out and sew, since the pattern pieces were just printed on the fabric. I hate tracing and cutting out pattern pieces…. The fabric itself is pretty cool. I’ve definitely learned a lot about designing for fabric print. And I ordered a color guide so next time my colors will turn out better.

They’re fun little zipper pouches. I may try again someday with a better pattern. We’ll see.

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