{Etsy Love}

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  1. There is so much I love about these wooden sculptures. The shapes are beautiful and I love how you can see the wood details under the paint.
  2. TINY CROTCHET UNICORN. How cute is that?!
  3. I love these shelves. I’ve seen tutorials around the web to make them but woodworking intimidates me.
  4. I love wearing cardigans and this one is especially adorable.
  5. The scarf itself is pretty cute but add the hearts and I’m sold. So cute.
  6. I recently discovered that I really like baggy, scoop neck sweaters. The design on this one is so lovely! Also, check out the rest of their shop. I love it all!
  7. I don’t wear perfume very often, but I’m just drawn to this sample box. The packaging is adorable and I just want to sit somewhere cozy and smell all the tiny vials of perfume.
  8. I recently discovered Nan Lawson and she’s officially been added to my list of favorite artists. This Dr Who print is obviously a fave, but I also love this mermaid one!

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