My Dream Job


I am going to preface this post with a little disclaimer: I absolutely love my job. I have been incredibly blessed and am so grateful that I’m able to make a living doing something I enjoy.

With that said, I got to thinking the other night about my “dream job”. You know, what would I do if I didn’t have a mortgage and stack of bills to pay? I often find myself daydreaming about it. The problem is, I can never really nail down exactly WHAT I’d be doing, just that it’s something crafty. I just like to do everything! And that doesn’t make for a very good “business plan”.

A couple of days ago it finally hit me. If I could do anything, I would hire out my creativity. If you need something made, I’m your girl. Have a party coming up? Fall in love with something on Pinterest that you just can’t manage? Need some new artwork? Want to paint a giant mural in your living room? Halloween costumes? New baby? Need help crafting up a few special handmade touches for an upcoming wedding? Ok, you get my point.

I would be like an all-occasion wedding planner. You tell me what you need, I write up a contract and give you an estimate, and then get to it. I told Shaun I could be the ‘Crazy Craft Lady’. (Of course, I probably wouldn’t actually call myself that.) When I’m not working with a client, I would fill my time with crafting things to sell in local shops or online. Life would be hectic and I would love every minute of it. (In my fantasy anyway, I’m sure I’d still have bad days.)

It’s fun to think about, and maybe someday a tiny part of this ‘dream job’ can be a reality. It’s hard to imagine being able to justify leaving my career for something so uncertain. But I’ll do like I always do, and put my plans in God’s hands. I know he has far greater things in store for me than anything I could imagine. And for now I’ll just try to enjoy the everyday hustle of being a working mom of two crazy kids. Breathing is overrated.

6 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. This sounds like something for me. I am a short attention span crafter. I just can not sit and dole out the same project like a machine. I can put together one or two of something and then I swear I’d rather be punched in the face than make another one. I lose interest pretty quickly! So if what I had to make varied from week to week, I would probably be great at my job! Lol!

    • I am the happiest when I have a million different things going. I’ve been where I work for almost 2 years now and I’m starting to get REALLY bored, which I guess is why I keep thinking about this ‘dream job’. It’s not that I don’t like my job, I just feel like I need to mix things up sometimes!

  2. You really hit the nose on the hammer, this sounds so ideal. I really wish being a professional crafter was something easily attainable. I wish you the best of luck attempting even something like it. I am trying to do the same. (Especially when you said Halloween costumes! I love making Halloween costumes!) This has actually inspired me to pick up a needle and thread right now and finish an old project sitting on my sewing table…


    • It would be SO nice if that was a legit career path, haha! Maybe someday I’ll actually have the network and outreach to get something similar going. It would be fun, that’s for sure! And I’m glad I inspired you to finish up a project! Now if only I could inspire myself to do the same, haha.

  3. If you ever need the services of a Batty Biddy,
    you just let me know. K?
    It sounds like a wonderful job plan to me.
    You know enough crafters to call in on big projects.
    I hope you do get to do it some day.