October via Instagram


October was a fun month, with Kid’s Clothes Week, Halloween, pumpkin patches and leaf piles. Basically it was just a fun month. I love watching the seasons change. I’m definitely not happy about it being dark already when I get home from work though… I’m going to miss getting to play outside all evening! I feel like I haven’t painted in forever.. I seriously need to fix that! I have a mini painting all sketched up and ready to go, I just need to find the time to actually PAINT it. Someone just needs to hurry up and invent that time-stop-machine so I can get everything done.

4 thoughts on “October via Instagram

  1. Where did you get those little painting pages with the paint already on them? I need some of those for my kids.

  2. The Owl Leaf project really went viral huh?! Joni started it and me and you both made it! Loved that project. I also love your drawings so much! And those little dolls you made. SO. Precious!