Making Progress


The past week has been crazy busy. We had a really great long weekend though. On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with cousins in St. Louis. It’s always nice to be with family. And the rest of the weekend was spent being together, lounging around the house, sleeping in, and painting up a storm. I definitely didn’t want to get back to my ‘real job’ on Monday! Also, Shaun had FOUR nights off in a row! I got spoiled for sure, which has made the past few nights especially lonely. At least I’ve had all these paintings to keep me company.

I have finished three 8.5×11 paintings, and 14 minis. Tonight I’m going to trim and mount the minis, and finish sketching the remaining paintings. Three more 8.5×11 (two of which are already sketched) and two 5x7s and I’m done! And then I’m going to pass out and sleep for a week straight. Yup.