I bought a new toy today. A very expensive new toy… A new lens for my camera! I was planning on saving up for one over this next year, but I have been asked to play professional photographer once again at work, so I figured it made sense to buy it now. Of course, that means I’ll be busting my butt doing freelance work to justify the price, and my monthly budgets for the next year just got a bit tighter. It was worth it though, because this lens is AWESOME. It’s a SIGMA 55mm F1.4, if that means anything to any of you. So far I am VERY impressed with it’s low-light quality. I have a pretty dark office and I barely had to edit these at all.

ALSO, if you noticed in that top photo, I’ve redesigned my logo! I love how it turned out! I’ll share the finished, color version soon. I’d love to buy some new business cards, but… I just bought a new camera lens so it’ll be a while before I can justify that! The lens was worth it though. I can’t wait to see how it does with photographing my paintings. I have such a hard time getting good photos of my work.