The Quest for the Macaron


I have been intrigued by french macarons for forever, mostly because they look like tiny colorful hamburgers! I finally gave them a try last week and, as you can see, the first batch didn’t exactly turn out… But I was totally expecting them to be a disaster so it was all good! One batch got all burned looking on top, and the other batch all cracked. And both batches completely lost their feet. They certainly won’t be winning any beauty contests, but they were still delicious. Smoosh them together with some Nutella and they were gone fast.


The second batch turned out MUCH CUTER! I even made some homemade strawberry buttercream filling this time since they actually looked the part. They still weren’t quite right though… They were ALL hollow!! I think I just didn’t let them bake quite long enough. Which just means I’ll have to try again. Is that so bad? I am determined to cook up a perfect batch of these adorable cookies.

Here is the recipe I used, and this YouTube video was super helpful.

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