I’ll Never Love You


I did this mini painting a few weeks ago as a gift for my husband, and he LOVED it. It’s the best thing ever! And if you are wondering why a gift that says “I’ll never love you” would be so fantastic, let me explain.

Have you ever heard of Video Game High School? It’s definitely one of my favorite web series. (Season one takes a while to get good, so if your not super into it right from the start just give it a few more episodes.) Shaun got me hooked on it, and I’m so excited about season three! So yes, this post is going to make me sound like the biggest dork. And I am. So yup. VGHS. Watch it!

A few weeks ago Shaun bought me a copy of DDR. Of course while we’re playing we keep quoting scenes from VGHS, because DDR is such a lame baby game for babies. (Watch Season 1, Episode 4) One of our favorite scenes to quote is from Episode 8, where Ted is playing Axe Legends. Ted’s dad is a famous rhythm gamer and Ted SUCKS. There is a whole story plot around that point, and Freddie Wong (Ted’s dad) just cracks me up! So, any time we are playing DDR and we want to screw the other person up make each other laugh, all we have to say is “I’ll never love you” in Freddie’s voice and that’s the end. I laughed so hard once I tripped over my own feet and couldn’t finish the song.

Shaun isn’t working tonight, so I plan on making him play DDR with me all night. And eating lots of leftover Chinese food. AND not doing anything at all productive. It’s just one of those days.

One more thing. (That will make me seem like an even bigger dork, if that is possible..) I recently found out that Brian D. and Jenny Matrix are married in real life and it totally made my day! I love them. AND Ted and Freddie are actually brothers, which just makes their father/son relationship in VGHS that much funnier.

Ok. Bye.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Never Love You

  1. Awww So sweet!!! <3

    Rick used to always give me the Queen out of a deck of cards because I was "The Queen of his Heart" lol… He hasn't done that in years but it was always so special to me!