{Kid’s Clothes Week} Day Three


I officially have the coolest kids ever!

I have been meaning to sew Juniper a Zelda dress for MONTHS (ever since Flynn’s birthday) and I’m so glad I finally got to it! Halloween makes a GREAT excuse to sew dress up clothes. Now Link and Zelda can both ‘feet Gannon’ in style. (I love how Juniper says feet instead of defeat. Makes me giggle.)

I can’t wait to take these kids outside for a fun photoshoot!

2 thoughts on “{Kid’s Clothes Week} Day Three

  1. This is truly amazing! Your kids will be the coolest kids on the block this halloween! Please tell me you will be dressing up too?

    • My husband and I both have Zelda themed costumes too! I just finished making mine last night, I need to finish his tonight because we’re going trunk-or-treating at church tomorrow night.