Glasses Girl


I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, to turn my watercolor illustrations into hoop art. I mentioned it to Shaun once, a long while ago, and that’s about as far as that went.

Fast forward an undetermined amount of time.. Last night I sat down in the middle of my art room floor and started planning this lady! The inspiration was an awesome pair of bright red broken glasses. I have a funny story about that. It wasn’t THESE glasses. I actually misplaced the pair that I was going to use last night. Seriously no idea where they ended up… BUT I had these ones in my desk at work! Also broken. *sigh* I miss my red glasses.


I didn’t intend for this to be a “self portrait”. But once I decided to use that Star Trek fabric for the shirt, it just had to happen! That Spock shirt is just perfect. I’m glad I found a use for my favorite glasses. And they need to hurry up and invent patterned hair dye, because I want flower hair.

I want to make a hundred of these! We have a little handmade gift shop here where I live, and I have been dreaming of getting back into that scene since we moved here. (I used to sell things in a little shop in Orlando when Juniper was a baby.) I feel like these could possibly sell well. This one is 5×7 and I have some mini hoops that I want to test out. I’ve already gotten a request for a couple of custom hoops, so I may offer that in my Etsy shop as well.

And here is where we come to the sad conclusion that while it would be AWESOME to make a hundred of these and sell them, I don’t really have the time to go for it. Last night I put on a movie for the kids and sat down thinking “Finally! Some crafty time!” That lasted about 4 minutes. Juniper joined me, wanting to make something too, and then I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom waiting for Flynn to poo (potty training is fun!), and by the time I was done picking up the packing peanuts Flynn dumped ALL OVER the floor and got both kids down for bed.. I was pretty much dead. I’m surprised I managed to stay awake long enough to work on this. I stayed up way too late and then finished her up on my lunch break today. So when someone invents a day between Sunday and Monday, I’ll start building up some inventory.

Yeeeeeeeeeah…. Anyway. Um… It’s FRIDAY! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Glasses Girl

  1. I LOVE that you have multiple pairs of broken red glasses! Haha. Also, that is the best self-portrait I have ever seen!

  2. I adore this piece of art, it’s too cute and such a good practical use for a broken pair of glasses! :)

    Nina //