The Comedians

kids1 First of all… I love these two!!!! Goodness they’re cute. It’s been MONTHS since I’ve done a Comedians post. It’s long overdue. I think it’s funny that this time around Flynn has more quotes than Juniper. I think I just remember more of his quotes because it didn’t talk at all for SO LONG that it still stands out to me when he says things. (And he talks a lot. Oh my goodness does he talk a lot.)


One of my favorite things about Juniper is that she refers to people as ‘humans’. For example, “Mommy, that human just waved at us.” or “Look at those humans!” It makes her sound like some sort of alien and it cracks me up.

“Why can’t we have school everyday????!” (Upon learning about the concept of weekends.)

“If you want, you can call Chewbacca ‘Chewy’ ” (Crazy laughter from Flynn)

“Oh good! If you had said no, my head would of splode!”

“But you’re a parent. Parents LOVE coffee. I like tea because tea is coffee and my kind of tea is water, because water is healthy!”

There was a fly in my bedroom, and so we all had to “Stay in the bathroom until it dies.”

“If you take a picture together, I’ll let you have smores later.”
“What is a smores?”
“Marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers.”
“What does it look like?”
“Like a sandwich made out of candy.”


“Did you know Han Solo used to deliver pizza?”
“Yeah, he worked for Pizza the Hut.”
“He’s NOT a pizza guy!!! He’s a SPACESHIP GUY!”

“I don’t like him… He has a tongue and feet, and a smacky thing.” (He was talking about Hans, a dog we watched for a week. The smacky thing is his tail!)

“What song is this Daddy?”
“Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chile Peppers”
“I like The Green Peppers!!”

“I love you all the way to the moon and all the way to the moon and all the way to the moon and back back back and all the to the moon. That’s how much I love you.”

“Flynn, I am your father.”
“NOOOOOO! Mommy is my father!”

“I’m not a baby. I’m a big boy now.”
“What makes you a big boy? You can use the potty?”
“No. I’m a big boy now because I can play Super Smash Brothers Brawl.”

“Knock Knock.”
“Whose there?
“Banana who?”
“I would like to eat a banana and an orange.”

“There’s a baby in that belly.” (He was looking at a science book)
“Yup. That’s what that is a picture of.”
“Sometimes I have babies in my belly.”
“Oh yeah? And how does that work?”
“First I take my belly off, then I put the baby in my belly, and then I put my belly back on. That’s how it works!”

“I really like you a whole bunch.” (My personal favorite)

“I X-MARK YOU!” (He holds his hands up in an ‘x’ shape)
“Well, if you x-mark me then I can’t pick you up anymore.”
“……….. I take it back.”