A Fail to Remember


A couple of weeks ago Juniper was flipping through a kid’s craft book and wanted to try the ‘bubble painting’ project. We gave it a go, and as you can see, it didn’t exactly turn out. In fact, the only reason I’m sharing these photos is because Flynn’s unimpressed face is killing me. And I want to remember Juniper’s bubble blowing face, and how it was one of our last really warm fall days, and that I should probably add more food coloring (or paint!) to the water if we ever try this again. Basically I just want to remember everything. (Even the big crafty fails.)

I’m trying to remember to say yes more often to crafty adventures. Juniper and I flipped through a few books last night and made a big list of things she would like to make for Christmas gifts this year. I love how much she enjoys making things for other people and I’m looking forward to helping her develop that love of service.

Flynn will probably want to help for 10 minutes, before running off to defeat some monsters. I love watching that kid play. His imagination is just so … epic. This morning I had to help him fight the bad guys before I could leave for work. Actually, first I had to eat three chips with him and then I had to fight the bad guy. Good nutrition is important to adventurers. While we were eating our chips, he asked me if I was going to be his Valentine. I love that boy.