Literary Map Necklace – Neverland


When I made this sculpted map last week, someone on Facebook suggested I make necklaces. And you know how much I LOVE seeing how small I can make things! Tiny things are my favorite. The first map that came to mind was Neverland. It was so much fun to sculpt this tiny thing. I’m not really a big Peter Pan fan (although I have a huge crush on Hook from Once Upon a Time and the book Peter and the Starcatchers is awesome), so I added this necklace to my Etsy shop last night. I added a listing for the custom maps as well, because quite a few people had expressed interest in them on Facebook. I have a feeling it will be one of those products that every one says they want to buy, but no one actually buys. That’s usually how things go around here. Which is totally fine! I accepted that fate a long time ago. But if I can even make ONE world for someone, I’ll be happy. They are so much fun to work on, and the finished product makes me happy. And lately, I could really use every ounce of happy I can get.

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