Mini Cake Challenge – February

Well, so far the one birthday resolution I’ve been able to keep is my challenge to decorate one mini cake a month! Of course, it’s only February soooo… 2 down 10 to go! Here is my ‘much-cuter-than-last-month’s-attempt‘ Valentine’s Day cake!

I definitely need to work on my leaves, but I’m so happy with the end product this month! The cake is red velvet, and I just baked a circle cake and cut the heart shape out myself. This cake was one giant pain to frost though… Red velvet crumbs everywhere!

 PS. I really love this fella ?

One thought on “Mini Cake Challenge – February

  1. Wow, you are so talented!! It makes me want to take a cake decorating class. Did you at least have fun devouring it? :)