Best Valentine’s Ever

Ok, I know Valentine’s Day is past and gone. But I’m not really into celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m more into celebrating the Valentine’s Day clearance sales! I love cute, romantic, mushy things every other day of the year. And I especially love them for 50% off.

I think this is the BEST Valentine’s Day clearance purchase I have ever made. In fact, I might even say it’s one of the best edible purchases I have ever made. So much fun!

The kit comes with 35 heart candies and an edible marker so you can create your own ‘conversation hearts’. The kit was $2.50 at Walmart, and that’s before the 50% off mark down! I bought two boxes, but I think I need to go back tonight and pick up some more because I can’t find them anywhere online. Of course, the Mr. and I had SO much fun coming up with some super dorky things to draw on our candies!

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE Spock? ?

Anyone else have some hilarious and dorky Valentine’s Day ideas for these sweet guys? I still have a whole box left!