Crib Recovery

It seemed simple enough. Just adding a little bit of fabric, right? Well, as my husband will agree, this project nearly destroyed me. Almost every night I would throw this little crib up against a wall and declare that I was giving up. And every day when Shaun came home from work, there was I was working feverishly on it yet again. I just couldn’t accept failure. (I have a big issue with failure.)

I am so glad I stuck with it though, because I love the finished product! And as meaningless as my sweet husband thought this was, my little guy deserves a little bed that’s all his.

A week before Flynn was born I FINALLY started getting my creative mojo back so I was able to finish this on time. (I finished a few other little projects as well that I’ll share soon.) And now that everything is settling down, I’m really hoping to keep those creative juices flowing! I’m finally feeling like myself again, life is good.

6 thoughts on “Crib Recovery

  1. And the finished product is amazing. It looks like you swapped lil cribbies. You are so talented, you have been blessed with a great gift. You are like an art surgeon. :-)

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! I love the shot where your belly's in the way! That's so appropriate! Now that you've figured it all out, what would you charge to make miracles like this for someone else?

  3. This came out sooo good Crystalyn… I could NEVER do that, and even if I had the sewing capabilities my patience would not stand the test of time. Bravo! I'm sure your little one appreciates it :)

  4. You guys are too nice :) Really, I almost lost my mind working on this! (I blame it on the pregnancy.) Cindy, I have no idea what I would charge… And I can't see anyone paying me to do it either!