Baby Shower Fun

Our good friends Iris and Steve are expecting a little baby girl, pretty much any day now. (We were preggo-buddies!) Her sister Veronica threw her an awesome baby shower last weekend, and I got to have fun helping her pull it all together. We made a spiffy diaper cake and diaper bassinet, cute little wash cloth candies and butterflies, and I baked a cake. My mom sewed a plush stork to hold the basket of yummy chocolate lollipops that Vero made. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed eating.)

I love babies, and I can’t wait to take a ton of cute pictures of our two kiddos together ?

Mmmmm… Chocolate baby heads…

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Fun

  1. I love the stork's beak! It looks like a corn cob! *grin* Cute cake. Folks have come into JoAnn's asking how much ribbon they needed for a diaper cake and I was so totally clueless! Now, I see the light. Cute stroller, bassinette, pram thingy. *grin*

  2. You are awesome and we make a good team Thanks for everything you helped me with and keeping me sane!!!! lol<3 :-)

  3. Awww I want a chocolate baby head!!! hhehehe. You are all so crafty and creative, it's freaking amazing! good job!