Easter Outifits

I started sewing this dress for Juniper the week before Flynn was born. All I had to do was hem it, but it sat unfinished in my closet for a month. When we were invited to a friend’s house this Sunday for an Easter egg hunt, I decided to finally finish it. It’s made from a vintage blouse that I found at the Goodwill Clearance Center. (LOVE that place.)

I really wanted to make Flynn a little hat and a matching vest from some corduroy scraps I have, but I didn’t have time. (I’m still planning on making them though) I made his bow tie in the car on the way to our friend’s house! I am absolutely in love with bow ties on little boys. So stinking cute!! I will most definitely be making some more.

I tried to get a picture of Flynn and Juniper in their matching outfits, but this was the best I could do. Juniper LOVES her little brother and gives him lots of sweet big sister hugs and kisses, but she refuses to let me get any photographic evidence! I’m going to have to start getting sneaky…

And Flynn got to see his best buddy, baby Makayla! She was born last week and is SO tiny. Just look at all that hair! She’s precious. Flynn totally has a crush, can you tell?

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