A New Dress for Juniper

The other day I was having one of those non-stop-crazy mama days. You know the type. So when I finally got both kids to fall asleep around 9:00, I decided I needed to ignore the messy house and take some time to sew a little something. I decided to *GASP* follow a pattern! Now, I’m not really a pattern-following type of person, but I managed to pull it off this time around without much drama. I used my Simplicity 3511 pattern, which was nice and easy to follow.

Juniper loves her new dress. As soon as I put it on her she started twirling around on the bed. I love it when she likes the things I make for her ?

3 thoughts on “A New Dress for Juniper

  1. No fair! You have a clue as to what size she wears! I honestly hope SOMETHING I made her fits! *grin*