Two Little Dresses +

Here is a project I’ve been wanting to share for quite a while, but I had to wait until the package was delivered so as not to ruin the surprise! I wanted to make matching dresses for our cousin Lindsay’s two little girls. So I headed to the Goodwill Clearance Center and picked up this XL flannel shirt.

I was able to make the two dresses, a hair bow for mom and a tie for dad! Since the Goodwill Clearance Center is priced $1 a pound, I think I can safely say I spent less then a dollar on these outfits. (The black fabric was something I already had in my stash.) The tie didn’t turn out super great because the flannel was so soft and hard to work with. Oh well, it’s still cute. I mean.. manly. And cunning. A man walks down the street in that tie, people know he’s not afraid of anything.

Luckily our two kids are about the same age, so I tried them on and made sure they were a little big. Audrey is 9ish months older than Juniper, and Emma is only a few months older than Flynn. I am a mean mommy, I took about a million pictures of Flynn in that dress! Even in a dress, isn’t just the handsomest little guy?

Ok,back into something a little more manly. Give us a big tough guy look. Good job little man. ???

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5 thoughts on “Two Little Dresses +

  1. AMAZING JOB!! and love that your little guy was your model…that's awesome he's boy enough to pull it off too ;o)

  2. SWEET! I love the black stripe.In the future, using some iron on pellonmight save your tie by making itmore . . . dunno, less floppy.*grin*

  3. Very Cute! When I was just looking at the pictures I totally thought "oh that baby girl looks like a boy" Then I read it and was like "oh, OK good he is a boy." Good to know that even in a cute dress your boy looks like a boy.