Mini Cake Challenge – July

Those of you who are familiar with the video game Portal will probably recognize this month’s mini cake! I had purchased some rhubarb last week, so of course I had to make a cake. (And not just any cake, THIS cake.) The inside is classic yellow butter cake with strawberries and rhubarb and it is the absolute yummiest cake I’ve ever made.

I made a few Portal cupcakes with the leftover batter, and they didn’t last very long between me and Juniper… Oh so yummy. It’s a good thing there was a church event last night so I had people to help me eat the cake or I would have been in trouble!

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3 thoughts on “Mini Cake Challenge – July

  1. That looks delicious… I shouldn't read blogs during sunday school on fast sunday, I'm hungry! What kind of frosting is it? It looks like chocolate, but looks a little peanut-buttery!I've never had rhubarb… Is it sweet?

  2. It was so yummy. It's just chocolate frosting, but it does look kinda peanut buttery orange in these photos. Rhubarb is really yummy when it's cooked with Strawberries. I can't really describe the taste… other than amazing.