Exhausted… But alive!

Well, we did it! We successfully moved halfway across the country with two small kids! The drive was sure crazy, but my mother-in-law decided last minute to fly down and help us, which was a HUGE blessing. (Thank you Jane!!!) Right now we are staying with her and her husband until we find the perfect place to call home. The kids are doing real well. (Aside from the teething…)

Blog posts might be a little scarce these next few weeks while we get settled, but I have some exciting things in the works! I’m super excited. You should be too. Yup.

2 thoughts on “Exhausted… But alive!

  1. Cute photo! I'm glad you guys made it okay. I'm not jealous of Jane, sitting in between the car seats! That's not the most comfy spot! *grin* Have fun even though you're pooped. Send us an address as soon as you get one so we can send you boxes of goodies.

    • I was sure glad to have her back there entertaining those kids though! We are looking at houses again tomorrow, I will definitely let you know when we get moved in!