Man Cave Curtains

I thought I’d take advantage of this lull in creative activity to post some older projects I never got around to sharing. This was a fun one! My friend Jason needed some curtains, and not just any old curtains would do, so he bought some vintage Star Wars sheets and had me make them for him. I made some little stuffed toys with the extra fabric. Now I want to buy some vintage Star Wars sheets of my own and sew something fun! (I’m thinking an awesome dress for me!)

6 thoughts on “Man Cave Curtains

    • Jane mentioned that she still has Shaun's old Star Wars curtains (actual curtains haha) packed away somewhere, so Flynn can have them for his new room. So cool :)

  1. also- no way ANYONE had these curtains. They are backed by a fabric referred to as 'Black-Out' and do not let light in, thus their vividness will be preserved indefinitely, much as Han Solo in carbonite